Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Raiden V Director's cut heading to Nintendo Switch later this year

According to a Taiwanese ratings board Raiden V Director's cut will be released to the Nintendo Switch later this year. UFO Interactive will be publishing. They previously published the ports in The West. Originally developed for Xbox One with the Director's cut port as a PlayStation 4  and a PC release. No other details have been provided. The game is a sequel to the long-running shmup series and is Developed by Moss and licensed from Seibu Kaihatsu. 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Darius Cozmic Collection Released for Nintendo Switch today February 28th

Taito released Darius Cozsmic Collection today on the Nintendo Switch. This is a collection of various Darius Arcade games which are traditional horizontal shmups that were ported by M2. There are two versions. A Standard and Limited edition which includes extra bonus console titles and soundtracks. Currently, the game has only been released in physical form in Japan and is not on the Eshop. A Domestic release has not been announced. Below is a list of included games for the standard and the bonus titles included with the Special Edition.

Titles available in the standard collection :

Darius (Arcade)
Darius II (Arcade)
Sagaia (Arcade)
Darius II Overseas Version
Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

Bonus titles included with the Special Edition:

Darius Twin (Super Famicom)
Darius Force (Super Famicom)
Sagaia (Sega Master System)
Darius II (Mega Drive)
Darius Alpha (PC Engine)

Special Edition :


Ultimate 11 ACA Neo Geo will be released February 28th on Nintendo Switch

Hamster Corporation announced their next Arcade Archives Neo Geo release for February 28th.”Ultimate 11 SNK Football championship is a soccer game released by SNK in 1996. Choose your favorite of 80 different teams, more than ever before, and conquer the two Championship modes! Choose from 4 styles of team balance to customize your team according to your own playing style! It will be for sale on the Eshop for $7.99

Arc system works has announced that Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Collection will be released on Nintendo Switch May 17th

Arc system works will be releasing Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Collection May 17th for the Nintendo switch. This is a collection of two popular fighting games that includes the original Guilty Gear which was released on PS1 exclusively making this the first time the game has been released on another console and a port of the Sega Naomi Arcade Version of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core  Plus R.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Flying Tiger Entertainment The Company Behind Johnny Turbo's Arcade Data East ports for Nintendo Switch.

Flying Tiger Development has been releasing Data East Arcade ports since the Nintendo Switch came out under the name Johnny Turbo's Arcade. For those not familiar with Johnny Turbo he was the unofficial mascot for the Turbo Grafx 16 system by NEC. He is named after John Brandstetter, aka Johnny Turbo who was the original brand manager of the TurboGrafx16 and Turbo Duo in the early 90's. Since then he has gone on to become CEO and Founder of Flying Tiger Entertainment which has worked with Disney , Hudson  , Verizon and other Celluar carriers to develop software engine development platforms as well as port older video game titles from Hudsonsoft.

Their latest venture mashes up the Old School with the New School as several Arcade perfect Data East Ports have already been released They are a great value for $7.99 as can be played on the go or the big screen thanks to the hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch Platform. For those looking to take a nostalgic trip back to the Arcade or just want to try out a game they may have missed out on they are fun titles and highly recommended. I am including a list of previously released titles as there is little to no information gathered on all of the releases so fo far.

Web Site Link:

Johnny Turbo's Arcade Data East Titles for the Switch

Bad Dudes

Break Thru

Caveman Ninja

Express Raider

Fighters History

Gate Of Doom

Heavy Burger

Heavy Barrel

Joe And Mac Returns

Night Slashers

Nitro Ball

Shoot Out

Sly Spy

SDR Super Real Darwin

Super Burger Time

Two Crude Dudes

Wizard Fire

Data East's SRD Super Real Darwin coming to Nintendo Switch February 28th.

Flying Tiger Entertainment will release SRD Super Real Darwin for the Nintendo Switch on February 28th. This is part of the Johnny Turbo Arcade series of Ports that includes games originally developed and published by Data East for the Arcade

The inhabitants of the planet Lakya unwittingly unleash the planet's life force known as Evol. As the released Evol drifts from planet Lakya, it is received by the inhabitants of the nearby planet Cokyo; the people of Cokyo initiate the Shlohe project, a plan to use their captured Evol to develop advanced biologic ships and weapons to invade planet Lakya. The inhabitants of Lakya retaliate the Cokyo invasion by using their own evolving fighter ships.  It will be released on the Eshop for $7.99.

Mebius Co. LTD will release Rolling Gunner on Nintendo Switch February 28th in Japan

Mebius Co. LTD announced a release date for Rolling Gunner on Nintendo Switch. The game will be released February 28th in Japan on the Eshop. A Domestic release will appear in the United States and Europe later this year.

 Qubyte Studio has announced Vasara Collection HD. This will feature arcade versions of Vasara 1 & 2 with extra modes. The original Arcade versions were developed by Visco. The game will be released later this year for Playstation 4 , Playstation Vita , and Nintendo Switch. There will be a limited Physical release by Strictly Limited. A Digital PC version is also in the works.
Limited Release Advertisement

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

SNK Releases Samurai Shodown Evo 2019 Trailer

SNK released a new trailer for Samurai Shodown. It is due for release on Nintendo Switch ,  Playstation 4,  PC ,  and  Xbox One  later this year. The game will be playable at EVO 2019 in August.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


Japhei Game Blog is being RESET. With the abundance of ACA and Arcade releases. Will take this time to RESET the website. Look forward to sharing Arcade related news with you here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Developer G.Rev brings Kokuga to Nintendo 3DS E-Shop June 27th 2013 in North America and July 11th in Europe

Press Release

Reputed boutique game studio G.rev (Developers of Ikaruga , Border Down and Under Defeat) offers an old-school strategic shooter in Kokuga for the Nintendo 3DS. Players man a compact mobile tank that can be fitted with an arsenal of weapons and features. Work your way through as many as twelve different stages, each capped with a boss fight, then take on one of the three main directives. The flexible stage selection system allows gamers to tailor their gameplay time, and co-op play is also available through Local and Download Play. The game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop June 27th 2013 in  (USA, Mexico , and Brazil) ,  and July 11th in  (Europe , And Australia)


* One and done. In Kokuga, gamers are challenged to focus on honing their marksmanship skills as the player is limited to one shot on the screen while using their main weapon. With gun towers fixing their sights on the player’s craft and platoons of enemy tanks and drones closing in, each round can determine if Kokuga will complete its mission or if it will be engulfed in enemy fire.

* Attack and support cards. Each stage, the player has access to a fixed set of 20 attack and support cards. Distributed at random, use the cards strategically to maximize your score, blast through tough enemy platoons, or assist another player in your squad.

* Personalize your play time and degree of difficulty. Whether you want a quick run or a long challenge, players can easily tailor their game time in Kokuga. For some fast action, clear a stage next to one of the finals and proceed directly to one of the main bosses. Or if you want to dig in for a lengthy session, work your way through several stages before facing off with a boss. Choose from 4 different difficulty levels as well.

* Multiplayer Modes. Kokuga supports Local and Download Play, so assemble a squad of up to four players for some co-op gaming. Develop new strategies with a bigger squad and help out your teammates by coordinating card use.

Kokuga revolves around the Third Platoon of country A’s army. Manning the country’s latest machine of war, the platoon participates in training and simulations as it awaits its orders to head in to active duty.

Approximately one year ago...
War broke out between our great nation of "A" and the neighboring country, "I".

As with too many conflicts in the history of humanity,
ethnic rivalry escalated to physical skirmishes.

The gears of hatred continued to grind,
and man would repeat the mistakes of its past –
as if the gods had instructed them to do so…

In times of peace, men preach the sacredness of life.
In times of war, the same men demand that others surrender their lives…

In the end, the sole conclusion is that humans are incomprehensible creatures…

Official Game Sitehttp://kokuga.net/index_e.html

Gameplay Video: 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dodonpachi Sai Dai Ou Jou due for Japanese Xbox 360 in Spring 2013

Cave announced that Dodonpachi Sai Dai Ou Jou will be coming out for Japanese Xbox 360 in Spring 2013. The game features HD Graphics , Online Leaderboards and a New Elemental Doll Extra D.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

If you ever wanted to play online or compare games Join me on Xbox Live and PSN

One of the greatest things about this generation of games is the ability to play online. It brings back the feel of arcades to have competition in fighting games. Also I love comparing my high scores in Shmups to other players around the world. Thanks to this generation many arcade games got a second chance as downloadable titles upgraded with multi-player online. I ask that you join Xbox Live or Playstation Network if you have not already to really experience the next generation of Arcade gaming. As most of our own local Arcades have closed the only places to enjoy great competition and share the experience of the games is Online. 

 My Screen name for PSN is Japhei and my Xbox Live names are Japheigod (USA) , Trigger Runner (Japan) They are also posted on the side of the blog here if you would like to play a game sometime or add me as a friend. I love how they display the last 5 games played on each as well. I look forward to playing you!

Akai Katana Shin announced for Arcade release on Taito's NesicaXlive Platform.


Cave announced  Akai Katana Shin for Arcade release on Taito's NesicaXlive Platform. The game will be a port of the Xbox 360 version that featured Updated Graphics. I previously announced Cave as a developer on my original NesicaXlive post covered here.