Sunday, March 7, 2010

DeathSmiles receiving Platinum Release in JAPAN April 8th MEGA BLACK LABEL ON DISC

Cave announced the Xbox 360 game Death Smiles will be receiving a Platinum Hits rerelease in Japan on April 8th. The game will also include the DLC voice track as well as MEGA BLACK LABEL. Also Cave announced that in April MEGA BLACK LABEL version 1.01 will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Here are a few videos of me running Death Smiles on my Sega Naomi USA cabinet.

Taito releasing Raystorm remake on XBLA and PS3

Taito announced they will be releasing a port of the Arcade game Raystorm on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. The game will feature Updated HD visuals , Online replay upload, and online score rankings. The game will be released later in the Spring.
Video Trailer below:

Guwange coming to XBLA later this year!

Cave announced at the Shooting FESTA that the Arcade game Guwange will be coming home to Xbox Live Arcade. It will include 3 modes: Arcade, Cave Festival "Blue" Version (only playable once at a Cave festival a few years back), and a new Arrange mode that uses dual stick control.
Video Below:

Ketsui EX coming out April 22nd FINALLY on Xbox 360

5pb announced that the Arcade shooter Ketsui EX will be released on the Japanese 360 April 22nd in Japan. The game will feature original arcade mode as well as a EXTRA mode. It was announced that the game will be a accurate port and will be as close to arcade original as possible. Get your Arcade sticks ready!

Video trailer below:

Senko No Ronde Dis United Order Xbox 360 coming out April 28th in Japan

G Revolution announced that its hybrid fighter / shooter Type X game Senko No Ronde Duo will be receive a port on Xbox 360 April 28th. The game will feature upgraded graphics and a NETWORK mode for onlike versus battles. It was also feature online leaderboards. The game is set for release April 28th in Japan.

Video Trailer Below:

DeathSmiles 2 X Cover art posted game releases May 27th on Xbox 360

DeathSmiles 2 X Cover art was released over the weekend. The game will be released on Japanese Xbox 360 May 27th. The game features -7 stages total (2 more than the arcade version) , 2 new characters (Follett and Rosa) ,Updated graphics (16:9 mode), New bosses,There will be a LE with a remixed soundtrack!

Video Below: