Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guwange XBLA Review / Xbox 360

Guwange is a game I have played for years now and when Cave Ltd. announced they would be releasing a Xbox Live port I was ecstatic. I could not wait to compare my scores with friends and play online co op. They also promised extra modes such as Arrange and a Blue Label which add to the game play depth. Unfortunately with some great additions come some major issues. First off the game displays in a forced 16:9 mode which is windowed even worse when you play on a 4:3 television or on a Arcade monitor. This takes away from the experience as the aspect ratio is unnatural and zooming only causes you to lose game play space.You can TATE the game playing it in a true arcade style vertically but the game is still displayed within borders.

Outside of the ruined aspect ratio of the game the controls are pretty responsive and the options are somewhat deep. In this game you control one of three characters who you use to defeat enemies in a scrolling top down shooter style. This game is very different in style because you control human characters who walk instead of the traditional flying shmup. Those character also have a "Shikigami" controllable option which appears when you hold down the shot button. This "Shikigami" is used to slow down the bullets from the oncoming horde of enemies which you can then cancel out by destroying the enemy with the "Shikigami" after having buzzed them. The games scoring system relies on a chain system that you must maintain from start to finish making scoring in the game very difficult for some players. I consider Guwange one of the finer Original Shmups ever producded with it's unique feudal Japan theme. The soundtrack is also very fitting featuring a unique Japanese sound. The lack of local leaderboards for individual players is puzzling. This is another issue that is a oversight.I would score the game higher if the games video options were more flushed out and gave you the ability to fill the void on screen and local individual leaderboards were added.

Hopefully they can address the issues with a patch in the future. Overall the game is a wonderful experience that is not completely ruined by its short comings. Go and buy this game it is well worth your 800 MSP, I will revisit this review if the game is ever patched , As is the game is a 7/10.

*I said I would rescore the game when they patched it. Well the score is now a 8/10 at least we get 4:3 option but the menu sizing is still out of wack and no individual leaderboard is a terrible omission.

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coffeejoerx said...

I purchased the game and is a Cave's great fault to not include the option screen. Will the Cave think everyone plays only in 16:9 screens?