Thursday, May 31, 2012

If you ever wanted to play online or compare games Join me on Xbox Live and PSN

One of the greatest things about this generation of games is the ability to play online. It brings back the feel of arcades to have competition in fighting games. Also I love comparing my high scores in Shmups to other players around the world. Thanks to this generation many arcade games got a second chance as downloadable titles upgraded with multi-player online. I ask that you join Xbox Live or Playstation Network if you have not already to really experience the next generation of Arcade gaming. As most of our own local Arcades have closed the only places to enjoy great competition and share the experience of the games is Online. 

 My Screen name for PSN is Japhei and my Xbox Live names are Japheigod (USA) , Trigger Runner (Japan) They are also posted on the side of the blog here if you would like to play a game sometime or add me as a friend. I love how they display the last 5 games played on each as well. I look forward to playing you!

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