Friday, June 21, 2013

Developer G.Rev brings Kokuga to Nintendo 3DS E-Shop June 27th 2013 in North America and July 11th in Europe

Press Release

Reputed boutique game studio G.rev (Developers of Ikaruga , Border Down and Under Defeat) offers an old-school strategic shooter in Kokuga for the Nintendo 3DS. Players man a compact mobile tank that can be fitted with an arsenal of weapons and features. Work your way through as many as twelve different stages, each capped with a boss fight, then take on one of the three main directives. The flexible stage selection system allows gamers to tailor their gameplay time, and co-op play is also available through Local and Download Play. The game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop June 27th 2013 in  (USA, Mexico , and Brazil) ,  and July 11th in  (Europe , And Australia)


* One and done. In Kokuga, gamers are challenged to focus on honing their marksmanship skills as the player is limited to one shot on the screen while using their main weapon. With gun towers fixing their sights on the player’s craft and platoons of enemy tanks and drones closing in, each round can determine if Kokuga will complete its mission or if it will be engulfed in enemy fire.

* Attack and support cards. Each stage, the player has access to a fixed set of 20 attack and support cards. Distributed at random, use the cards strategically to maximize your score, blast through tough enemy platoons, or assist another player in your squad.

* Personalize your play time and degree of difficulty. Whether you want a quick run or a long challenge, players can easily tailor their game time in Kokuga. For some fast action, clear a stage next to one of the finals and proceed directly to one of the main bosses. Or if you want to dig in for a lengthy session, work your way through several stages before facing off with a boss. Choose from 4 different difficulty levels as well.

* Multiplayer Modes. Kokuga supports Local and Download Play, so assemble a squad of up to four players for some co-op gaming. Develop new strategies with a bigger squad and help out your teammates by coordinating card use.

Kokuga revolves around the Third Platoon of country A’s army. Manning the country’s latest machine of war, the platoon participates in training and simulations as it awaits its orders to head in to active duty.

Approximately one year ago...
War broke out between our great nation of "A" and the neighboring country, "I".

As with too many conflicts in the history of humanity,
ethnic rivalry escalated to physical skirmishes.

The gears of hatred continued to grind,
and man would repeat the mistakes of its past –
as if the gods had instructed them to do so…

In times of peace, men preach the sacredness of life.
In times of war, the same men demand that others surrender their lives…

In the end, the sole conclusion is that humans are incomprehensible creatures…

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