Monday, April 7, 2008

Sengoku Basara X on ps2!!!

From Arcade Renaissance:

Capcom and Arc System Works' joint project has been pushed aside for bigger and better things. While Sengoku Basara X has definitely caught the attention of fans of the source material, with Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue on the horizon, its hard to blame the rest of the fighting game community for looking at it as a 'secondary' fighter. I'm sure it will attract some quick attention in arcades, but it is painfully obvious that it more than likely will not have the competitive stay that people were expecting when they first heard of the project between the two companies.With that said, it was inevitable before a home console port of Sengoku Basara X was announced. With the game being featured on Namco's System 246/256 hardware, a PS2 port was naturally expected from the beginning. This last week, Famitsu has went ahead and announced the project and has provided a June release date for the game. There were previous rumors of the game coming to the Wii as well, but it looks as though as of this time Capcom is only spending the effort on the PS2 port of Sengoku Basara X.

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