Monday, April 7, 2008

Shooting Love 2007 for Xbox 360!!

From Arcade Renaissance:

According to a post from February 13th, Triangle Service has plans to bring the arcade shooter, Shooting Love 2007 (consisting of the SHMUP skills test and Exzeal), to the Xbox 360. No word on a release date yet or whether or not the game is being planned as an Xbox Live Arcade release or retail release, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on this one to see if anything else is announced in regards to the title. Since the game is not available for pre-order on Rakuten or Play-Asia, I'm suspecting that it is going to be an Xbox Live Arcade release.The premise behind the SHMUP Skill Test is to provide a combination of solo play and head-to-head "mini-games" that will test your shooter skills. The game isn't the most impressive shooter in the world, but as an effort in developing a competitive shooting game environment, in may prove to be worth the cost for fans of the genre depending on the price point. As for Exzeal, fans of Triangle Service's previous efforts will enjoy it, though for those who passed on XII Stag or Trizeal, there probably isn't enough here to warrant a purchase.

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