Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Neo Geo games coming to Taito Type X NesicaXlive Arcade System. Brikinger / Iron Clad finally released to Arcades!

SNK Playmore announced at the amusement show that several Neo Geo Classic games and a few of their Type X2 games will be released on the NesicaXlive Arcade System in Japan. Neo Geo titles confirmed include Iron Clad / Brikinger which was originally supposed to be released in 1996. Also Metal Slug , Samurai Shodown, World Heroes , Art of Fighting and more are scheduled. Also updated versions of Type X2 releases of King of Fighters 98 Final Match and King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited are due for release. This could signal a second coming of the Neo Geo if this system proves to be successful. There was no world of a USA release.

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