Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NesicaXlive game list of what is announced currently at the Amusement show in Japan

This is a List of the NesicaXlive games confirmed for the system. The games already released are noted on parentheses.

Nesica X Live games List

Exclusive games
Blazblue CS2 (released)

Type X games
Battle Fantasia
King Of Fighters 98 (released)
King Of Fighters 2002 (released)
Power Instinct 5
Raiden IV
Senko No Ronde DUO(released)
Spica Adventure (released)
Trouble Witches AC

Neo Geo
Art Of Fighting
Brikinger / Iron Clad
Fatal Fury
King Of Fighters 94
Metal Slug
Samurai Shodown
World Heroes

Taito Classics
Elevator Action
Puzzle Bobble
Rainbow islands Extra
Space Invaders

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