Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strania – The Stella Machina Xbox 360 / XBLA media blowout screenshots , details and a English trailer leading up to March 30th release

Strania – The Stella Machina is due on Xbox Live Arcade worldwide March 30th 2011. Below you can find more in depth info on the game title. The game will cost 800MSP ($10). It is scheduled for release also for the NesicaXLive Arcade system.

Official press release

Reminiscent of nostalgic arcade games from the 1980s, G.rev delivers an authentic robot shoot’em up to XBox LIVE Arcade with Strania. Incorporating strategic decision-making with the exhilarating action that defines the genre, Strania offers a dynamic game system and features dramatic effects plus a catchy soundtrack. Get ready for some hot arcade action as we’re bringing back true hardcore arcade gameplay!

Background Story

"The paths of two advanced civilizations cross as Strania attempts to defend its planet from the approaching Vower army. Armed in powerful mecha able to carry a variety of weapons, the Stranian special task force, the Stella Machina, set out on a preemptive strike against the artificial beings. In order to give their home planet a chance to overcome the oppressors, the Stella Machina must destroy Vower’s massive particle weapon “Gunrock” and create an opening for the fleet to attack the Vower base settling on the frontline"

Key Features

* Inspired by classic arcade shooters from the 1980s: Noted shoot’em up developer G.rev’s newest project is a tribute to old school action shooters from the days when arcades still ruled the gaming scene. A 3D-graphics based 2D vertical shooter, gamers will face curtains of enemies and bullets flying from every direction, infiltrate towering defensive structures and duel with monolithic robots. Fast paced with frantic action set above a backdrop of retro graphics, Strania will take you back to the good ole days.

* Guns and swords do mix: As a member of the elite Stella Machina, gamers pilot a high-powered mecha able to equip a lethal arsenal of weapons. Choose from a long range, destructive laser, explosive rockets, a reflective shot and more. Or, take the battle up close and pick up a couple of swords to slash your way through the robotic wave of invaders.

* 2 > 1: Going solo on Strania is great, but taking a wingman with you is better. Play Strania with a friend locally or online via LIVE!

Info on the DLC side mission SIDE VOWER.

A tale does not become an epic without multiple twists and storylines, and the epic of Strania is not limited to the chapters detailing the Stranian forces’ attempt to defend the planet they call home. In the DLC package SIDE VOWER, gamers assume the role of the intergalactic travelers who have come to Strania with a mission – to recapture the land that they hold sacred.

Work your way into the heart of the planet as you fight through newly arranged stages each capped with a Stranian boss. New music tracks accompany you as you duel with the elite Stella Machina. Break through Stranian defenses and lead the Vower army to fulfill their destiny.

Game Info

Game Title Strania – The Stella Machina –
Platform XBox LIVE Arcade
Publisher & developer G.rev
Game Genre Shoot’em Up (2D shooter)
Release Date March 30, 2011

Number of Players 1 or 2 (multiplayer available locally or via LIVE)
Online Features Online coop multiplayer (maximum 2 players)
Languages Japanese, English

Official Strania Website

Official English Trailer



AmidstStorm said...

Looking damn fine for sure. At times I see Ikaruga influences whihc certainly isn't a bad thing. Kinda wish this was getting a hard copy release though...

Evan_Labit said...

Wow that looks so cool! Nice to get more shmups that bring puzzle elements into the mix.